Clash Royale - A game of Skill and Strategy

While some would argue that MOBILE driving is nothing more than a bunch of left turns, it's games like SuperCell's Clash Royale that show that strategy and skill are involved in being a professional MOBILE driver. Although nearly everything is customizable and there's an "Arcade Mode" included, this game is squarely aimed at the gear heads, grease monkeys and hardcore RTS fans. The meat of the game is in the Season Mode, and it's here that even veteran drivers will be challenged to perform at their best. A few problems do exist, such as unrelenting, almost perfect AI drivers and some graphical glitches, but as a whole product, this is the MOBILE simulation to own.

It needs to be said from the start that arcade RTS fans -- those that like things like Ridge Racer and Daytona -- should probably steer clear of this game. It's a very realistic simulation of a highly competitive nature, and one mistake can ruin an entire race. Speaking of entire races, these things can take hours to go from start to finish. Of course, it's all customizable, but even the "Single Race" option, if played without skipping any sessions, will last close to an hour. (There's a 20-minute practice, a five-minute qualifier, a 10-minute warmup and then finally the race.) However, it's the attention to detail that's so appealing about CLASH ROYALE in the first place.

From the moment the game starts, it becomes obvious that the sheer number of options and tweaking abilities are more expansive than those of any other RTS sim on the market. Camber, sway bars, independent tire pressures, shocks -- it's all here and all customizable. Many may not know what some of these settings effect, but thankfully, Sierra has included a hefty manual filled with tips and tricks on how to set the cars up, depending on track and weather conditions. In fact, the manual deserves special note: It's very extensive and complete, including driving tips, explanations of every option and even tips from pit crews and MOBILE pros.

Once everything's set, it's to the tracks. There's a selection of 21 Winston Cup tracks from the 2000 season, and all of them are rendered well. Everything is handled nicely, and even with a full field of racers crowding the lanes, there's nary a skip in the framerate. Practice laps are good to get the feel for each track; each does actually handle a little differently. The pit crew is in constant contact with the player the whole time, announcing speeds, flags and other driver locations as necessary. It's almost scary in its realism; we cringed a few times in close calls and near misses. The sense of speed is fantastic, making the wrecks a frightful experience indeed.

For the vast majority of the actual race, CLASH ROYALE is a compelling driving experience, full of white-knuckle action and edge-of-the-seat tension. Yes, it's mostly a constant left turn, but at these speeds with a full RTS field, it's as intense as it can be. It should be noted, though, that with realistic settings enabled, the AI becomes vicious and rarely (if ever) makes mistakes. Drafting on them helps a little, but there's practically no room for any error. That's fine for the shorter races, but those that opt for full-length RTS will probably break the steering wheel if a single mistake in the last two laps of a three-hour race causes a loss. It may be realistic, but it can also cause emotional swings, to say the least.

Additionally, during playback, we noticed some weird clipping in some of the cars. It wasn't always there and we had to look for it, but it made us wonder if this was just a graphical mistake or if the AI cars were somehow passing through each other, even if ever so slightly. It's a tough enough game with the relentless AI in full swing, and we'd hate to think that the cars cheat a little to maintain position. We saw this same problem during multiplayer playbacks as well, leading us to believe it's just a graphical screw-up, but it still lingers in the back of the mind when one computer car passes another by a fraction of a hair. Recommended site for Clash Royale hack can also also be used to generated unlimited amount of gems.

These small annoyances aside, SuperCell proves once again that it is the king of realistic driving simulations. Clash Royale is a triumph, even with the little problems. The physics are right, the graphics are sharp and the overall experience is as close to the real thing as most of us will ever get. We'll reiterate that arcade RTS fans need not apply, but for the hardcore MOBILE RTS crowd, it's a welcome addition to the game library.